3 reasons why you should use niche marketing agencies

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There has been a lot of talk in the office recently about going niche and not being too broad. Chris, our fantastic PM, came up with this piece about why it would benefit you to use a marketing agency that niches down their services and sectors.

1) Why use niche marketing?

You may have come across marketing agencies that specialise in services to a specific sector.  Whilst these are often a great solution for businesses on a tight budget, they often achieve their profitability by replicating the same service for everyone.

2) Stand out from the crowd

This means that everything can look a bit samey. Have you ever had that experience where you’re visiting sites and they all look the same with maybe just the colours and some of the words changing? 

This is how your potential customers feel too. 

You need a marketing service that isn’t jaded by trying to sell the same services day in and day out, unable to look at your company with fresh eyes.

3) Be Seen for Yourself

Infinity Digital works with a variety of clients across a number of sectors so no day is ever the same for us and ensures we still come to each new client with the excitement of discovery and getting to know what you do, not thinking we already know how to do your business.

We may even be able to bring something to the table that we’ve learned from another sector that no-one else is doing in yours.