Owning Your Voice. 5 Steps to getting noticed (for the right reasons)

We’ve all been there.
We’ve all been in a room where we just aren’t feeling brave enough to speak out, or clever enough to bring something useful to the table.

Maybe it’s because we feel we’re too young, or that gender stereotypes are prohibiting us from delivering something valuable to the group.

This doesn’t need to be the case!
As human beings, we are all pretty remarkable.
We each have a knowledge base, skills, experience, and a passion that should be enough motivation to own our voices.

Our voices are powerful, and although we are constantly learning and growing as individuals, we shouldn’t be afraid to express ourselves.
Of course, not everyone will always agree with you. There will be times where you realise you are wrong – but that’s all a part of learning!

Neil Strauss, a New York Times best-selling author and journalist described this ‘evolution’ perfectly

A screenshoot of a tweet by Neil Strauss

At home we are more likely to be true to our authentic selves, but why should this change at work? (Just to clarify, we aren’t saying to walk into the office in your PJs with major bedhead…)

Different opinions, viewpoints and experiences can all contribute towards greatness. If we were all the same the world would be boring, right?

In both our workplace and home life, we can be authentic and assertive without being aggressive. It all stems from understanding our individual and collective business value!

We have collated 5 ideas to help get you positively noticed at work

Speak up in meetings

Be assertive but understanding. Confidence is key, but no one likes a show off.
Vocalising your opinions and beliefs in a topic can help your colleagues and employers to understand you better.
This will help to create a (positive) lasting impression!

body and verbal language

Your body language says just as much as your spoken language. At times the way you hold yourself is more noticeable than the way you speak! Demonstrating emotional intelligence, being able to articulate yourself with assertiveness and confidence,  can help you to voice your opinions.
Confidence helps you to have more conviction in what you want from your experiences.

understand your value

Now, we’re not saying to completely bulldoze your way into a room and DEMAND to be heard.
However, understanding and acknowledging your worth can make all the difference.
You have skills that you want to use, having spent years studying and working to build up your abilities. You should be free to utilise them in everyday life.  

Be authentic

Getting noticed is all about being true to who you are and to your core beliefs.
If you have a strong conviction in yourself and in what you truly believe, people will sit up and take notice.
Nothing turns people off more than listening to someone ramble about a subject they clearly have no love (or clue) about.
Authenticity at work helps both employees and employers to feel safe, respected, and secure in their job roles.

and for number 5... believe that your voice matters!

It’s often said that the toughest criticism we face is our own.
It’s difficult but believing in your own voice and your own words is so important for your personal and professional growth.
Stay true to who you are, and the rest will follow!

Three white boxes with circle images hovering above with stars and text underneath

We are not telling you that you need to have everything together all the time, on the contrary, we are merely reinforcing the fact that everyone is still learning, (yep, even us).

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in a job 1 week or 10 years – learning is a constant (every day’s a school day and all that).
Your work colleagues make up your team, and it’s key that you all understand each other and work together to allow for the most productive outcome.

Find your voice, own your voice, use your voice.

It doesn’t make you a ‘suck up’.
It makes you confident and can help you to go further in your career, and in life.