Is Visual Marketing even a Thing?

We see visual marketing every hour of every day: whether on our TVs, our phones or computers – you can’t escape it. Humans are naturally visual creatures, so of course we are more tuned-in to them!

It’s best to go for a mix of anything that works best for your business.

For example, a cinema might choose to display a poster of an upcoming film on a billboard, whereas a local restaurant might choose to advertise on Instagram with a short video introducing their new menu.

It’s all about researching your target audience and a handful of trial and error!

What can each component of Visual Marketing do?

With so many elements, it’s sometimes hard to differentiate between their variances, so we’ve made a handy guide!

  • Images: critical to any web design, they’re eye-catching and can demonstrate a wide range of what your business can offer.
  • Videos: highly versatile and a quick way to illustrate any key ideas or tips to your audience.
  • Infographics: incredibly useful if you want to demonstrate a lot of information without overloading your audience. Remember to be concise and unique in your content.
  • Presentations: used best when you want to convey a lot of information without overloading an image or single document.
  • Quotes: fantastic for short and snappy posts, especially when used over a complimentary background.
  • Memes: this one may surprise you, but memes are great if you want to reach new levels of engagement and catch the eye of a new demographic!
A picture of a road on the left hand side with purple and black writing on the left hand side

With so much focus being put on which elements of visual marketing to use, other factors can get forgotten about.

Never fear – we are here to help you with these 5 quick tips!

  1. Best Practices


Align your visual elements with your text.
Be sure that one is complimentary of the other!

Be Helpful
Visual marketing is a wonderful way to display your messages – but remember that being helpful goes a long way. People appreciate anything that’s free, including helpful hints and tips!

Be on Brand
Being faithful and true to your brand is key – customers will want to see some continuity with what they know.

Have Clear CTAs
Clear and strong Call to Actions are crucial to increase engagement. You want your audience to want to know more, to click and to buy.


  1. Enchant and Capture your Audience


With so much marketing out there, you can sometimes feel that yours is getting lost in the crowd.

Stand out with eye-catching, bright and vibrant content – and be sure to mix it up! Give-aways, competitions and customer input via social media polls or live Q&As, are just a few of the ways in which you can get your brand out there!


  1. User Generated Content (UGC)


What better way to spread awareness of your brand and your business than some organic, natural and authentic UGC?

Reviews, testimonials, case-studies and good old fashioned post sharing are all brilliant ways to increase your reach. Customer’s sharing pictures of themselves with your products helps to take brand loyalty to the next level, with your customers helping to advertise your brand!

Keep an eye out across your socials for any tags and be sure to reply to any mentions or comments!


  1. Strategise!


Aligning your brand image and identity whilst telling your brand’s story is so important.

Staying on trend and true to your business beliefs will help to reinforce your vision to the wider world, as will providing a user-friendly experience with a visually engaging consumer journey.


  1. Carefully evaluate any changes to your branding


Of course, it’s understandable that you may want to re-brand at some point in your business journey, but remember that customers appreciate brand continuity.

If you are changing any visual aspect of your business, be careful not to stray so far that your customer doesn’t recognise you. Strike the right balance between new and exciting, and old and memorable.

A purple background with a white and blue box in front with writing inside.

Is Visual Marketing really for me?


Visual marketing can help all businesses, both online and offline. 
Content that has visual elements are more likely to get 5x the amount of engagement than those without.

In short, investing in visual marketing can only benefit your business, and should be a key part of your overall marketing strategy!