Case Study: AA Salt Services

Our ongoing mission with AA Salt Services includes a variety of in and out of season digital campaigns including supporting the launch of a new sister brand.

Personal Service

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Small Team

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From snow, ice, and freezing rain, the winter months are renowned for causing disruption. Since 2002, AA Salt are specialists in providing professional, bespoke gritting and Winter Maintenance services for Hereford and Worcester.

Winter months do not last forever (although it may feel like it!), which is why AA Salt are also offering Grounds Maintenance services for the spring and summer months – from commercial lawn care to commercial landscape maintenance.

Life before Infinity Digital

AA Salt already had a great PR and social media presence, but from an advertising perspective they needed some support regarding the direction they should go in – which is where we stepped in!

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A white lorry and gritting truck parked up displaying red and yellow logos.

How have we helped?

From an initial consultation, we outlined a plan to increase their website traffic and engagement.

Increasing an organic web presence was important, and so we conducted an SEO review and researched into keywords, in order to create an advertising plan via Google Ads.

In just under a year, we are off to a flying start with over 4k clicks and engagements on the dynamic ads using the new Performance Max feature. An average cost per click of £0.34, 207 conversions, 25 phone calls and a cost/conv of £6.65.

We were again approached once AA Grounds Maintenance was setup to help launch this new service online; providing the advice and support needed to get this venture the traction it deserves.

With AA Salt, and now AA Grounds Maintenance, all seasons are covered!

“We are very happy with Infinity Digital’s services and the support they’ve given to us. We love the monthly reviews and have seen some new customers come from the PPC Campaigns. We are looking forward to working with you in the long term and seeing some great results.”
Ben Tanner
Sales & Operations Director