Case Study: Hayman-Joyce

Our mission with the leading and award-winning estate agents in the North Cotswolds.

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The leading estate agents, auctioneers and valuers in the North Cotswolds, who have established a trusted and reliable service in our local area and in London.

This privately owned, independent local firm of estate agents believe in building strong relationships with their clients through understanding their needs from the outset.

As well as this, their accolade in the industry continues to grow with multiple awards such as Best Estate Agent Guide in 2022 for marketing, service, and results.

Life before Infinity Digital

As the market in the country began a downturn after the turmoil of COVID, the team at Hayman-Joyce were looking for proactive ways to show the community that they were here and ready to help.

With lots of competition in the area, it was clear that they needed to act swiftly but remain innovative with their marketing and advertising strategies.

Their social media and PR activities remained strong and growing with the support of the You Do Better team, so now it was time to try new inbound strategies.

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How Have we helped?

We started a good ol’ account audit, as they have been previously advertising with Google Ads. It was clear from when we first loaded things up that the structure of the account was outdated; using average shared budget, match types that were no longer recommended and not very compelling ad copy – most of which were rated poor or average by Google Ads.

After the restructure was completed, we’ve seen an increase across the board in just 6 months, but the CTR is a standout at 5.3% which is well above industry standard. With a total ads spend of £4.5k, the site recorded 60 leads with a cost per lead of £13.27.

"Having recently come under new management, I did not know where to start when it came to the marketing growth of Go Aqua. Luckily for us, we have the Infinity Digital team behind us. They have been able to spring into action and show us where we can attack, where our competitors weren't, and we're already seeing results after only a few months. Could not recommend them enough."
Emma Hardy
General Manager