Case Study: UK Kiosks

Working with the leading supplier in portable kiosks for hire has been exciting! Find out how our team got on with the revival of their marketing strategy.

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UK Kiosks are a leading supplier of portable modular buildings for hire and GRP electrical cabinets and enclosures.

Based in Pershore, Worcestershire, this young and dynamic company have paved the way to stardom by offering something new to their customers that they were desperately seeking.

When they went to market for their expanding range of GRP electrical cabinets and enclosures, they provided an integrated e-commerce solution and next day delivery on all products, meaning that they have spent the past few years developing strong relationships with manufacturers and built up a stock of their range.

As well as this, when COVID hit, the demand for their kiosks and portable cabins grew and they knew there was an opportunity to provide a similar service to this market but on a rental basis.

This year saw UK Kiosks adapt to the ever-changing world to becoming a rental-first business, which is scaling rapidly even now we’re out of the pandemic.

Life before Infinity Digital

Before teaming up with us, UK Kiosks had pretty scattered marketing activities. They outsourced multiple digital marketing assets and were spending thousands (yes, thousands) on wasted ads spend and expensive services.

Their website was not converting new customers, despite a constant flow of traffic from paid media channels, so it was clear a new strategy for web was needed.

They also lacked an engaged social media presence, something which is common in their industry, and as they are renowned for their excellent customer service this was not at the heart of their messaging.

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How Have we helped in paid media?

It was clear we had our work cut out, but after a productive research and development workshop with the management team at UK Kiosks, the outcome they wanted to achieve more presence, quality traffic and leads and increase online sales.

From our initial Google Ads audit, a restructuring of the account was required with new campaigns across search, display and shopping with new research strategy and audience segmenting methods. From March 2021 until March 2022, they received a whopping £68.9k in online orders for their range of GRP electrical cabinets with ads spend of £29.5k in the same period.

As they are B2B and have a driving margin, a 233% ROAS (return on ads spend) is considered well above average for the industry.


Furthermore, we helped them with a new website design concept and SEO strategy, a fully-integrated WordPress and WooCommerce solution that now takes orders for multiple products, extras, and a complex delivery structure.

When we first started working with them, their organic traffic saw 5.7k users, average positioning on page 2 and 3, £31.3k online sales in a 12 month period.

With the technical SEO fixes, new website content strategy and on-page optimisation we implemented, 2021 saw 12,345 users (114% increase), 11.7% overall visibility with 27 keywords discovered in the top 10 and £67.2k in online orders (114% increase).

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“Great service provided. They take care of all our digital marketing and even produced our van livery! Currently producing our new website and we are very pleased with designs we've seen so far. Highly recommended.”
Stuart Graham
General Manager