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You can do just that with Infinity Digital. We are a digital content marketing agency based in Worcestershire, right in the heart of the UK. We offer a one-stop-solution to support the growth of your business through the power of Content Marketing, Social, PPC, SEO, Email & Web.

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Developing quality productions for your digital marketing is  ✨paramount ✨ and that is why we’ve made the extra effort to produce videos, animated explainers and graphics in our digital marketing agency content. Trying to lead by example you see 😉

Joking aside, the art of messaging takes time to refine and it has to be human, even if you’re developing graphics or animated videos. Your customers and potential customers need to understand what you’re saying and FAST 💨

Connecting with an audience has never been harder, we feel that, so we’re going to provide you with some content insights that you can action straight away!

Start with a content plan

It all starts with a good idea, right? You see something inspirational, you have an opinion to share that adds value or you see a funny cat TikTok that made you laugh 😂

STEP ONE: Content planning can be difficult, take it from me, so it’s always best to jot down your ideas first!

STEP TWO: When are you going to do it? Add your ideas into a calendar and decide which platforms would be best to publish this on.

STEP THREE: What is your message? Before your even think about production, make sure your message is SUPER clear. Ours? Free Digital Marketing Review, of course 😉

Three people setting up for filming with cameras and lighting equipment in the background


Now, you’ve got your ideas, you’ve planned when you’re going to publish them and where, you’ve got your messaging, so now what?


I won’t tell you how to produce your content, but I can share some advice on how best to do video…

  • Smartphones are great for video, you can even film in 4K.
  • Good lighting is ideal, try to film content on a sunny day.
  • Make sure you’re clear in your pronunciation, people need to understand you.
  • Film all in one go and edit out the mistakes and false starts.

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If you’re not going down the video root straight away, then I have some great tools for creating graphics and tips to use them to your advantage.


One in a million tool with thousands of templates, which are all editable to your branding. It also has this fantastic ‘Quick Create’ tool which is fantastic for developing multiple graphics for multiple platforms.

Adobe Sparks

This one is super cool for videos, amongst others, as you can brand them up and add in titles, animations, icons and event voiceovers.


A mobile app designed for creating and editing videos for multiple platforms, like Instagram, and it’s free without watermarks!


Our Digital Marketing Services

Still completely unsure about content and social media? That’s exactly why we’re here…

When we say one-stop-shop, we really mean it! Infinity Digital’s digital marketing services cover the six core elements 🔥

Check out what we do best below and click through to learn more about each digital marketing superpower 💥

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Social Media​​

Content planning, creating, scheduling, profile setup, influencer campaings.

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Google Ads campaigns, keyword research, CRO, social media advertising.

A green search engine box


On-page optimisation, digital PR, technical audit and improvements.

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Email Campaigns

Newsletters, automated campaigns, list building techniques.

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Web Design

Responsive, mobile-first web design, build and development.

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Content & Graphics

All manner of content creation from blogs to banners, videos and more!


Before teaming up with us, UK Kiosks had a pretty scattered marketing plan (their words, not ours). They outsourced multiple digital marketing assets and were spending thousands (yes, thousands) on wasted ads spend and expensive services.

They received low volumes of traffic and when trying to launch a new product into the open market, they struggled with selling them through a run-down e-commerce store.

It was clear that UK Kiosks needed to be in ship shape before any marketing was carried out. They challenged us to research their target audience and competitors to really get to know the industry and then drum up a robust digital marketing strategy that would set them a part and support the growth of their business.

Upon presenting our digital marketing plan of attack, we soon sprung into action and supported their objectives by working with their chosen web developer to create new designs for the site, conducted SEO keyword research and implement this onto each page, create a monthly social media content plan with hashtag research and weekly management, tidied up their Google Ads account by reshuffling their campaigns and introduced responsive search ads and remarketing shopping campaigns.

Within 6-9 months, their organic traffic doubled and they now rank for over 30 competitive keywords in the top 3 positions on search engines. They also do approx. £20k per month in revenue for their product line that they launched just before we partnered up with them.

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