What is Brand Awareness?

Simply put, brand awareness is having people recognise your company, your brand, your services and your products.

There are a few aspects to consider when you want to increase your brand awareness, with these mainly being your social media platforms and web presence.

Your online reputation is imperative in driving your business, and your business ‘personality’ needs to shine!

What can Brand Awareness do for me?

Having a good amount of brand awareness is (almost) like having a magic wand.

Brand awareness isn’t just about your physical presence – it is now becoming digital.

Areas where Brand Awareness is key!


Your website is the face of your company, it is where people make a snap decision on whether they want to interact with you or not.

Your website needs to be simple to understand and simple to navigate.

Social Media

Your social media is where potential customers come to see what you’re about, and current customers come to see the latest news.

Growing your social media can be time-consuming, so choose a few platforms that would work well with your company and don’t try to be too ambitious by using them all at once!


Simple yet so effective.
From company newsletters to product releases, emails can help you to stay relevant and at the forefront of your audience’s mind. The frequency and content you send out can massively benefit your business.

Brand Awareness and Brand Value.

If your brand name has value behind it, this creates a greater social impact with people recognising your company and understanding the value and significance of what it is you can offer. Brand name value creates a greater social impact with positive associations, which also helps to establish trust in your company.

A white background with a bullet point list in multiple colours in front.

Your Business is like your Family.

We all know that having the right staff members is important, with them being the driving force in helping your business to grow and develop. It is the individuals that make a company work, but what are their traits? What are their passions?

All these aspects can help to shape and mould a company, as each member of staff will have something unique to deliver. Treating your colleagues like a family doesn’t mean that all professionalism and respect goes out the window; on the contrary, it can help to strengthen relationships and positively reinforce work-place morale.

If your brand awareness is fun, professional and knowledgeable, then both existing and potential customers will react to a warm and friendly atmosphere; it will encourage them to sign-up or buy as they will feel that they are becoming a part of your story.

Auditing: Why should I?

Auditing your assets and content is incredibly helpful in that you can identify any inconsistencies, which will help to benefit your company in the long-term.

Check everything that has already been created, such as any documents, images, eBooks, blogs, videos etc. This will help to streamline your files and you will be able to organise these assets as you see fit.

What Benefit does Auditing have on my Brand Awareness?

Every company wants to be more efficient, and by having an organised central hub for your assets and content you will help to save a lot of time!

You can determine and organise who needs and has access to what, which can stop a lot of searching through files that may not be entirely relevant to a specific person or department. It may sound obvious but keeping asset types separated can really help when you need to find something fast!

Okay I’ve audited. What now?

Once you’ve determined what content you have and what you want to keep, the next step is making sure that everything is relevant to your company and reflects you and your brand.

Your Brand Guidelines are a crucial element to your business, as these mean that your brand can be easily recognised!

Key components of Brand Guidelines include:

  • Logo – people tend to remember logos and images more than text.
  • Tone & Voice – what does your brand sound like? Tones will change across platforms with emails tending to be more formal, and social media being more casual but ensure that you stay consistent for each!
  • Colours & Fonts – your style guidelines are important as they help to shape and define your brand.

When the above elements are used consistently, people begin to know and trust your brand, with them beginning to recognise your company at a glance.

Keeping a folder full of brand templates is a useful tool to have. 

Your creative teams will be able to ensure that all future content is consistent and can be edited easily by others in the company without losing your branding – helpful when holidays are underway!

How do I know that my Brand Awareness is increasing?

Unfortunately, this isn’t an exact science. You will however be able to tell if your brand awareness is growing by the level of engagement across your social media platforms, your site traffic numbers and your social listening (for example, who is using your hashtags, commenting on and sharing your posts).

Keep an eye on:

  • Email, landing page, blog and link engagements.
  • Social media mentions, likes, shares and growth rate.


Monitoring your engagement levels will show you what is working, what isn’t and what can be improved upon.

Once you have clarified your brand guidelines you will begin to see an increase in your online presence; be sure to nurture it and your company will thrive!

At Infinity Digital we understand and appreciate that running a business and trying to juggle all that involves can be difficult and time-consuming, which is why we are here to help.

We understand the importance of brand awareness and what it can bring to your business, and we have both the experience and knowledge to help you develop yours.

If you are interested in how we can help, or just have any questions – get in touch with us today!