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Find out more about our business, crew and our mission to help SMEs grow with the power of digital marketing.

Personal Service

No Automation

Small Team

About our Digital Marketing crew

Say goodbye 👋 to the times of costly fees, lack of communication and automated software… you’re in the right hands now.

Infinity Digital was setup to help SMEs grow their businesses through the power of digital marketing. What do we mean by this I hear you ask? We’re talking specifically about social media, pay-per-click, search engine optimisation, email campaigns and mobile-first web design.

You could say that we hold the Infinity stones to digital marketing? 🤔

These pillars (or stones 😉) of today’s digital marketing is what the team here at Infinity Digital are the experts in. We have created what we believe to be a powerhouse of knowledge, skill and experience which we’re using to support a variety of businesses. Some of these include construction, professional services, non-profit, and engineering to name a few!

We believe in building valuable and lasting relationships, that is after all, how we get to know our clients and their businesses. By doing this, we have created trust and integrity to support them to achieve their business goals. Everyone has goals, even us!

We’re here for you, which means that we will develop a strategy around you and what you have lined up to achieve. By putting this into practice, we offer a personalised service without costing the earth.

We’re also firm believers in using our own eyes and data from reputable tools, such as Google Analytics. What we mean by this is that we do not rely on automated software to do our jobs, we use good ol’ fashioned common sense (and our training of course).

Meet your crew ⬇️

Your Crew

Two photos switching between two versions of Jacob on blue and yellow backgrounds

Jacob Styler

Director & Founder

The 'captain' of the ship. His one true love is paid media and video - forever asking the crew to do TikToks for the company socials.

Two photos switching between two versions of Chris on blue and yellow backgrounds

Chris Mapley

Operations Manager

The 'Spock' of all things web and SEO. If it's related to Google, he knows it all. He also happens to be the one clients look to for digital wizdom.

Two photos switching between two versions of Pippa on blue and yellow backgrounds

Pippa Harris

Social Media Manager

The queen of social (and the colour pink). Pippa is your go-to crew member for making your customers feel at home.

Two photos switching between two versions of Hal on blue and yellow backgrounds

Hal Lee

Digital Content Apprentice

Taking concepts and turning them into a reality. Hal's endless creativity is the one that will stun you more than a phaser.

Two photos switching between two versions of Abbi on blue and yellow backgrounds

Abbi Browning

Digital Marketing Apprentice

Our resident content writing guru. She has an endless stream of charisma and uniqueness.

Our Mission 🚀

We implement SEO, social & paid media excellence within a culture that encourages our crew to strive for success, whilst providing a proactive experience with our clients and partners.

Our Vision 👁️

To lead with integrity and deliver a holistic service that values individual experiences and prepares our crew to become the next generation of digital marketers.

Our Values 😎

We get a kick out of the challenging 👟

Your ‘bog-standard’ agency will always aim for the low ticket, easy marketed, non-competitive brands to work with.


We like the B2B, typically competitive, niche market; brands that need a shake up on their digital marketing to help achieve their own goals.

We are a champion for all walks of life 🥇

You may think that agencies tend to be full of the Gen-Z folk, well not all the time. 

Our people are from different backgrounds, cultures, ages, and industries, all of which bring a different point of view to our crew, and a well-rounded balance of ideas when working with clients.

We’re not a ‘ghosting’ buster agency 👻

Tired of getting ghosted by your agency?

We take on clients selectively, and not just for the £££. Whilst we are here to make money, we’ve made a point of creating multiple touchpoints with our clients throughout their time with us.

You buy our time and expertise after all, so be prepared for a stream of proactivity from our crew.

The story so far...

1st February
The start of something new 🙌
The launch of Infinity Digital 🚀
Infinity digital agency logo in black and purple

Jacob officially launched Infinity Digital Agency with a one-stop-solution for all things marketing and PR.

The first! 🤩
We signed our first client! 🥳

After launching the business with 0 clients, within 1 month we had signed our first client supporting them with social media and ads.

Making them connections! 🔗
Developed partner relationships ✍️

After a lot of networking in Worcestershire, Jacob had formed relationships with local agencies in PR, web design, photography and videography to support Infinity's service offering.

Another first! 😅
Chris Mapley joins as Project Manager 🖖
Two photos switching between two versions of Chris on blue and yellow backgrounds

Chris Mapley, Infinity's first employee, joins Jacob as a PM with a wealth of experience in websites, SEO and digital marketing.

Rebrand time! ⏰
We rebranded and became Search & Social first 😎
Infinity Digital main logo featuring all services

After a year in business, we decided to focus on what we were really good at in digital marketing and this was social media and search engine marketing.

Another one... 🤯
Pippa Harris joins the team as our social media queen! 👸🏼
A posed selfie with 3 people sat at a table with drinks on

Only a few months after Chris joining, we start off our new year looking for another marketer and intro Pippa! Pippa comes with a background in creative copy, content and social media.

On the move 🚗
We moved to Worcester! 🏠
A hand holding keys in front of a cotswold coloured front door

After sharing a building in Pershore with its sister companies, we soon found it a tight squeeze and decided to take a big step to move into the City!

On the hunt again! 👀
Hal Lee joins as Digital Content Apprentice 🎨
A posed selfie of 4 people smiling in a courtyard outside.

The growth of our client base kept us busy, so we went on the hunt for a new member! Intro Hal, who joins us with a degree in Graphic Design on the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship scheme.

End the year with... another person?! 👌
Abbi Browning joins the crew as Digital Marketing Apprentice 💫
A smiling selfie of five people around a bench table inside a pub.

It wasn't long before we were looking for another person to join our fantastic marketing crew! In comes Abbi, who has a background in content writing and running her own creative business in the local area.

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