Why we hate it so much

Now you’re probably thinking, ‘why are they dissing their own logo?’ and we know it sounds a bit harsh of us to be so self-critical!

Let us tell you why…

We’ve been in business for almost 12 months (yay! 🥳) and as the year that was 2021 progressed, it was important for us to stand out and make our branding represent us in the way we wanted you all to see us.

With the way of the world as it currently is, the rush for brands (of all kinds) to be strong in digital marketing has never been more important. Did you know that since the dreaded ‘C’ word came along adults have been spending a record of 4 hours a day online on average. That’s a huge increase from the 3+ average hours per day in 2019 and 2018!

Source: https://www.ofcom.org.uk/about-ofcom/latest/media/media-releases/2020/uk-internet-use-surges

A cartoon laptop displaying figures for adults spending time online in the UK

That is why, now more than ever, it is important for your logo and branding to shine over the overpopulated digital crowd.

The Pillars

According to Hubspot, there are five brand pillars:

  1. Purpose
  2. Perception
  3. Identity
  4. Values
  5. Brand Experience


We had to go through a process of exploring all of these options when looking to update our logo and digital assets.


This is where we had to think about all of the reasons we existed and why we started our business in the first place. We know that we were great at digital marketing, but how did this differ from our competitors. Well, this is simple. We have created a one-stop-shop solution to digital marketing meaning we offer the core functions, which are social media, PPC, SEO, email & web.

We also stood out as an agency that provided a personalised service without using autopilot software and the fact, we were a small team, added value to this.


This is how we wanted our clients to see us. We wanted the symbol of Infinity to provide people with trust and humanity, meaning that we could be trusted by our experience in the world of digital and be successful delivering results that met the goals for our clients.

Also, providing a human experience is what people value the most in today’s world. We didn’t want to come across like robots!


Our identity is who we are, on the inside… We’re an outgoing bunch (who are also a bit nerdy) and that is what helps us develop relationships with all that come into contact with our team.


Our values are simple: we believe that providing a personal and bespoke service to each and every client helps us to succeed. We also believe in treating our people with integrity and upholding great standards, always.

Brand Experience

This is where we have fun. I’m not joking, why live in a dull and boring world? When we’re on a cool project or collabing with a client, we inject a bit of joy into the mix (we think this helps all parties stay creative).

Evolution of Infinity Digital

When I think back to the first logo of our business, it does make me proud and in many ways too. I just felt that we needed to contrast the colours and inject the brand pillars into it. We feel we’ve done this now and our new logo represents what we’re about.

Can’t believe we’re showing you these, but these two contenders were the first drafts before we launched last year…

A gold and blue logo with a hexagon shape above some text
A white and blue logo with a circle shape above some text
Infinity digital agency logo in black and purple

First logo (Feb 2021 – Dec 2021)

New logos & icons (Jan 2021)

We love purple, can you tell? It represents fun and joy and the icon couldn’t be more apt for our one-stop-shop solution. On the banner and corporate logos, we’ve injected some additional colours and our core skills at the heart.

So, although we may not have changed that much, we have decided it was time to drop the ‘Agency’ from our name (mainly because it was wayyy to long) and have given ourselves a great new look and feel for the exciting future of 2022.

We can’t wait to share our experiences as the year progresses, so stay up to date and keep an eye out on our socials for regular updates.


We have recently been named one of the Top SEO Companies by Design Rush for January 2022! 🥳 It’s a great achievement for us and we’re really excited about the recognition.